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About the Chi-Rho Booksite -

Much of the knowledge, thought, and experience that created the greatest expression of individual freedom in the form of Western Civilization was recorded in books. The abundance of books in our culture is itself an outworking of Western thought. And now, through another great manifestation of that culture, this knowledge, thought and experience is available in growing proportions to virtually every nation in the world, through the Internet, in the form of electronic texts (e-texts). This knowledge lifted societies, and the individuals within those societies, to never-imagined heights of freedom, productivity, and peace.

One very ancient culture-transforming book was the Book of Kells, which was an illustrated book of the four Gospels of the Bible. The Chi-Rho page of the book of Kells marks the beginning of the account of the incarnation of God in the flesh, Jesus Christ (Chi and Rho are the first two letters of the name "Christ" in the Greek and are representative of Christ). This historical account is significant because it is the coming of the sinless God-man, to lay down his life for a sinful humanity and reconcile God with man, and thereby to reconcile man with man. It was THE pivotal event in history. The knowledge and of Christ is the source of Wisdom, and the foundation of true freedom. May this book-site lead to the knowledge of that Christ who is the root of Western Civilization.

soli deo gloria